Migration to the new server

Oct 15, 2020

We migrated to our new servers today, on October 15, 2020.

All your old data are safely stored in 2 distincts Datacenter. If you login on the new server (your old password should work like a charm), you may found an empty profile. You can migrate your old data to your new account, from your profile page. We decided to not migrate every tracks because of new kind of data processing, so every old track we be analyzed carefully, and should be able to get a nice 3D Replay.

We will start to communicate at the end of the next week about the new features provided by SportsTrackLive,  right now we are doing our best to check there are no bugs around. You can either less us a message on Facebook, or directly on https://help.sportstracklive.comCheck out our new design, and for going faster, this is a short URL you should remember: https://STL.sport

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