Website features update

Premium Features

Several of the website features have been updated for easier navigation.

Group Rankings

Now change the ranking country, year/month, metric and units from the top drop down menus.

Personal Bests

View monthly personal (Premium only) bests as well as your annual season personal bests. See how well you performed each month. Gain extra motivation each month to keep improving.

Performance Timeline (Premium)

View a timeline of your season personal bests for each year in chronological order. Look back to see when you set each personal best for all of your sports.

Performance Breakdown (Premium)

View a breakdown of your season personal bests for the whole year e.g. see your top 10 fastest 5km times for running or top 50 fastest 50km for cycling.

Monthly Performance Charts (Premium)

View charts of your monthly performance for each metric e.g. see your fastest 5km or 5mi times for each calendar month and spot trends in your performance.


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Posted on Sep 9
Written by Sam Lawson