Release 5.0

Bluetooth Smart

New versions of the SportsTracker, SportsTracker PRO and FitCloud apps (version 5.0) are now released on Google Play.

The update brings a more robust BLE (Bluetooth Smart) connection which is available by default now on Android 4.4 phones. To enable on non-Samsung Android 4.3 phones enable it in the advanced settings. For Bluetooth SMART (Bluetooth low-energy) sensors see here.

We have tested with the following BLE devices:

Heart rate monitors: Polar H7 and Zephyr SMART HXM and Mio Alpha

Bike speed & cadence sensors: Wahoo BLUE SC and TopPeak PanoBike

Footpod speed & cadence sensors: Polar Stride Sensor Bluetooth Smart

Other Bluetooth SMART sensors should also be compatible.

The ANT+ connection has also been updated. For ANT+ sensors see here.

Posted on Nov 7
Written by Sam Lawson