Release 4.4

Web updates

New versions of the SportsTracker and SportsTracker PRO apps (version 4.4) are now released on Google Play.

As always - all upgrades are free.

Website updates

Several areas of the website have been updated. The changes include the introduction of a Tags tab on your dashboard which summaries activity per tag and can be used for equipment tracking.

To do so just tag tracks with the equipment used e.g. the running shoes you were using or the bike you were riding. Tracking equipment mileage can be useful to know when it's ideal to replace items.

App update

The app update removes the default behaviour of disabling bluetooth when finishing a workout and also contains some visual updates.

An issue with Google Play / Android still prevents us deploying the HR enabled wear app. However if you are familiar with the developer adb tool we can send the HR enabled wear app apk for manual installation. Just email

Posted on Aug 28
Written by Sam Lawson