Release 3.9

Website improvements and new Premium features

New versions of the SportsTracker and SportsTracker PRO apps (version 3.9) are now released on Google Play.

As always - all upgrades are free.

All features for this release were taken from the ideas on our Get satisfaction page. If you have a feature request use the "Share an idea" option on Get satisfaction.

What's new

  • Support for all wheel sizes in the ANT+ settings.
  • Option to change interval of training plan feedback.

On the website

New updates to the website bring several improvements and some unique new premium features.


Downloading of all tracks in GPX and CSV format is now faster. You will now notified when your download is ready.

Track cleaning

You can now also clean heart rate and trim track time (useful if you forgot to end a track).


You can now clear all of your notifications at one go.

Dashboard update

Your dashboard now has a summary of monthly, yearly and all time activity plus an activity score. Your activity score per month, per year and all time is based on your activity intensity and duration.

Personal bests are now moved to new tab and presented in a new format for easier comparison. The option to remove/invalidate a selected personal best is now available.

The log page has been removed and replaced by the option to search on your username and category. Click "view all tracks" on your dashboard and then specify a category if required using "category:running" for example. This gives the same functionality as the log page did but with out the 20 track limitation. The original charts page functionality is now replaced by the more powerful dashboard charts.

Premium features

There are new premium features now available via bi-monthly or annual subscription. Premium features provide deep insights into your performance.

Monthly personal bests

View your personal bests for a particular month in the year.

Timeline of personal bests

View a timeline of when your personal bests were achieved in each year.

Breakdown of personal bests

View a breakdown of each of your personal bests. For example see all of your fastest 5km tracks for the year.

Monthly chart of personal bests

View your fastest times for each calendar month and see trends in your performance.

To get the premium features now simply upgrade your account with a bi-monthly or annual subscription.

Posted on Jun 4
Written by Sam Lawson